Frangipani Cuttings


Limited Cuttings – Don’t Miss Out!

Grow your very own Fancy Frangipani, with 30cm cuttings taken from our gorgeous collection.

We have grown thousands of cross-pollinated seedlings over 15 years and selected only the most unique variations to add to our named collection and share with you – our fellow frangipani lovers.

Most of our new & popular varieties only produce 1-2 cuttings per year so please don’t delay if you see something you love.

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How to grow a cutting

Growing healthy frangipanis is easy and a lot of fun. These tips from Fancy Frangipanis on how you can grow a frangipani tree from a cutting and create a tropical paradise in your garden have come from years of selecting and growing our own frangipanis from cuttings.

Frangipani cuttings for sale! Buy frangipani cuttings online at Fancy Frangipani (online store, specialist frangipani breeder and nursery).

Our mission is to share with you, the joy of growing our exclusive frangipani varieties. We send each cutting with a planter bag, perfect to grow yourself or to give as an everlasting gift to someone you love.

Shipping is $12.99 for your first cutting, but then only $3.99 for each extra cutting. Select your favourite cuttings and buy online from our frangipani store above.

Frangipani cuttings are 30cm limbs taken from mature plants. Simply plant your cutting in the provided planter bag and it will continue to grow into a full size frangipani tree. Perfect to grow yourself or to give as an everlasting gift.

We keep all of our varieties together to allow the seeds to cross-pollinate and create brand new hybrids. This allows the most beautiful and unique flowers to be created each year.

Once the seedling produces flowers we select our favourites and continue to grow them until we have 2-3 cuttings available to share with you. This means that stock is extremely limited, so don’t miss out!

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