Australia’s widest range of Frangipani cuttings

Nothing brings to mind fond memories of beautiful holidays at exotic locations
quite like the lovely flowers of the frangipani tree. Buy a cutting and have it shipped to your door, buy frangipani merchandise or explore our stock image gallery and experience the Fancy Frangipani difference.

Explore our wide range of frangipani strains for you to grow or gift to a loved one.

Enquire about our very own range of merchandise for you or someone else to enjoy.

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The home of Australia’s widest selection of Frangipanis.

We’re an Australian-owned nursery with years of history in the industry and we’ve spent more than 12 years developing our rare collection of over 150 stunning frangipani varieties.

With our home-grown breeding program, we’re able to achieve outstanding results not just in terms of the beauty of our flowers but their hardiness too. Whether you’re interested in our frangipanis for yourself or as a gift to someone else, you can rest assured that what you’re purchasing is a high quality product with a bright future ahead of it.

What do I get?

At Fancy Frangipanis it’s as easy as 1 2 3: Select your plant type, get your package (which includes a stem cutting, pot and grow instructions)

Select and customise

Select your cutting from our exclusive collection of over 120 completely unique colours, patterns and styles that we have developed over 15 years

Get your package

Cuttings are collected and sent out on Saturday's so you will typically receive your order the following week.

Plant your cutting

Follow the directions on your package (or check out our complete guide in the FAQ's) and with a bit of patience and care, you’ll have your very own beautiful frangipani flowers to enjoy!

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Learn more about the story of Fancy Frangipanis

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We hope you have a safe and Merry Christmas and New Year. Thank you for all your support in 2020. We are currently enjoying time in one of our seed production sites in North Qld and evaluating new selections with our family. Look forward to connecting again in the New...

Frangipani Cuttings [2020] The Complete Guide

Frangipani Cuttings [2020] The Complete Guide

Where Do Frangipani Cuttings Come From? Frangipani cuttings are small tips or limbs cut directly from mature plants. They have exactly the same genetic as the mother-tree so they will product the same flower. How Do You Breed New Frangipani Varieties? When frangipani...

Our Local Frangipani Breeding Program

Our Local Frangipani Breeding Program

The story of agriculture and horticulture has been influenced by the work of people who saw what existed and imagined what could be. With this in mind, they employed selective breeding to enhance desirable traits (like scent or size) and reduce or remove negative ones...

Seasonal Frangipani Leaf Loss

Seasonal Frangipani Leaf Loss

First-time planters may be alarmed to find their once-healthy Frangipani trees looking far less majestic than usual in the winter months. Never fear, it’s a perfectly natural phenomenon that your plant can easily survive and come back from without any damage....

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