Frangipani Cuttings [2020] The Complete Guide

Where Do Frangipani Cuttings Come From?

Frangipani cuttings are small tips or limbs cut directly from mature plants. They have exactly the same genetic as the mother-tree so they will product the same flower.

How Do You Breed New Frangipani Varieties?

When frangipani seeds are pollinated they can create hybrid variations which can create incredibly rare and beautiful new flowers. At Fancy Frangipanis we keep all of our 120 varieties in close proximity to encourage this hybrid cross-pollination. We then plant the seeds and wait 5-10 years to see the beautiful new breed we have created. A long wait, but totally worth it!

How Do I Grow A Frangipani From A Cutting?

Simply plant your cutting directly into a small pot and it will continue to grow and develop into a full sizes frangipani tree.

frangipani cutting planted in a pot

Where Can I Buy Frangipani Cuttings?

Fancy Frangipanis has an amazing selection of rare Frangipani Cuttings to buy as a gift or to grow yourself.

For even more advanced frangipani growing tips check out our Frangipani FAQs.

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