Our Local Frangipani Breeding Program

The story of agriculture and horticulture has been influenced by the work of people who saw what existed and imagined what could be. With this in mind, they employed selective breeding to enhance desirable traits (like scent or size) and reduce or remove negative ones (like thorns or short shelf lives). Because of their efforts, we can enjoy a host of improved plants and that proud history continues with breeding programs like ours.

At Fancy Frangipanis, we began our breeding and selection program in 2005 and we now have over 300 different frangipani flower types at our Bundaberg plant nursery. It can take 10-12 years for a new plant strain to be developed and perfected to the point where it’s ready for the public so each of these flowers represents a huge time commitment and our love for what we do.

In choosing any plant for your space, it’s important to consider how well suited it is to the environment in which you would like it to grow and thrive. Plumeria Rubra and most hybrids are frost tender so they may only survive in glasshouses in colder regions but are well suited to the tropical and subtropical conditions found in Western Australia, Northern Territory and our home, Queensland. This makes it especially important to source your plants from a local provider who breeds and grows flowers with your climate conditions in mind. 

In addition to our breeding program, our work with grafting and multi-grafting has already produced the spectacular Sunrise Magic Living Bouquet. Further innovations are in the pipeline as we build on what we’ve learned and we’re excited about what the future will bring!

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